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“I’m involved when others get involved.”

the people

We as a human species love the idea of existing. So much so, at times we have lives that are not worth living, yet we still love the idea of waking up each morning. So when people are in need of help and there is a threat of death for helping, you can understand why some don’t assist. It’s so easy to throw out the word coward, but until you’ve been in that position, can you say for certain who is a coward? We would all like to think that we are these brave souls, until something bad happens to us.

not getting involved

Have you ever been on a train or somewhere else in public where someone is being harassed? On a human level you want to get involved, but on a human level self-preservation kicks in and you care about yourself. I mean think about it, who want to try helping someone and get shot or stabbed in the process. So, for the most part we stand aside not saying anything. Or we ignore the situation like it sin’t going on in front of us. What’s interesting, is once we see a brave sole get in, then we follow behind. But we need that extra push to compel ourselves to help.

mass tragedy

Even we are so built on self-preservation as a species, during much bigger incidents we assist. During the September 11th terrorist attacks, people we assisting each other all over the ground zero area near the World Trade Towers, as well as the Pentagon. So it strikes me as odd that we steer away from smaller incidents than bigger incidents. Maybe because the smaller incident is not seen as our problem, and a bigger incident could easily be our problem. On other hand, so could the smaller incident. All I know is that we have a society based around watching things take place out of self-preservation, but the fear of death is always looming; so very few involve themselves.

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