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“The outer is not all what it seems.”

Man judges those by means of the outer, while God aims to understand the heart. Makes sense considering that man does not know the heart so we have to get to know the person to understand their heart. How do we get that point? Well, it involves first opening up ourselves to wanting to meet new people. That usually involves looking at a person and thinking to ourselves. “Hey, they seem like a pretty interesting person to get to know.” “They’re very well put together,” and that’s where we judge the most. We want to introduce people into our lives who carry themselves in a certain fashion. This means, how do they talk, dress, physical appearance, and hygiene factors.

Now, how does this apply to myself. I usually don’t make that good of first impressions. You have to get to know me for a while before you really get close to me. And it has nothing to do with me being a mean person. It’s just that I am not overly extroverted. I am more so analytical than I am verbal. So you may misread me because of the energy that I give off. People who know me find out that I write become shocked by such an action. They think to themselves, “A person with little to say has so much to write.” A lot of me not saying much is because when there is nothing to say, I typically don’t say much. I am not one who talks for the sake of talking. I believe it can become quite aggravating.

Well, what about the way I dress? When I am headed somewhere nice, I always go out of my way for such occasions. But on a normal day to day basis, especially on warm spring/summer days, I sport a t-shirt, jeans, and some nice boots. I am quite the plain dresser, yet I like things that make you stand-out. Which is odd that I like such nice things, yet would rather not be the center of attention for my attire. I love fast luxury vehicles, yet if I had the money I’m not sure if I would make such a purchase. I love riding the NYC subway or walking throughout the city. A luxury car places too much unwanted attention, but don’t get me wrong I love them.

Judging from the physical aspects of myself, I love being active. Could you tell that from the way I dress, no. Like I said before, on a day to day basis, my dressing style is plain. When you see people who are into athletics, you generally see it. Every time they come around, they’re wearing Nike or ADIDAS shoes, shirts, hats, or pants. Sometimes they’re even so into the brand that they have to get the accessories as well. In the end, judging a book by the cover is what we do. It’s not about being mean, it’s survival. Our perceptions are at times wrong, but it’s what has kept us alive on this planet for so long. Our ancestors from thousands of years ago needed to use their better judgement so that we could be here today. If not, man would have died off a long time ago. So we are designed to thick twice before we engage in conversation or bring people into our lives.

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