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“Ever think to ask how we get this feeling?”

“I’ve been here before.” “This place seems familiar.” “I know this place form somewhere.” We have all had a stricken case of Déjà vu when coming in contact with someone or people in a certain place at a certain given time. The feeling of recognizing a specific place that you yourself have never been before but you know it is an ominous occurrence. But the real question is why are we stricken with Déjà vu. There so many cognitive reasons as to why we feel this way, but I on the hand have a different perspective.

In my humble opinion, maybe we have been here before, but not us personally. Which now you’re probably asking yourself, what does that mean? Well, maybe Déjà vu is a hereditary trait you get from your parents. Could it be that DNA you get from both parents settles in the brain? Could that further mean, that whatever experience your parents have had in life had gotten passed into your DNA? This would mean that the feeling you have that we know as Déjà vu, could actually be your parent’s experience passed to you. Your brain is trying to make sense of why you know this place.

For example, it could be something really mundane like your father getting hit at a football game in high school. And now here you are, playing on that field and feeling like, man I remember this play. Why do I feel like I know what’s about to happen? Now, if the play comes your way, that feeling is only heightened. But if the play formulates into something else, you tend to forget the occurrence. The occurrence only stays with you when what you think you know actually happens. But, this is still a theory of mine. Could there be another reason we experience Déjà vu?

What if it’s not something that’s biological, but sporadic? Could it be that the human brain is so active, that it starts to rationalize situations as familiar and not random? Our brains are constantly moving as we eat food, text, and watch television all at the same time. So could something potentially have been triggered in the moment to make us feel like we know this situation. But really, all it really is a bunch of random events that trick you into thinking you have experienced this before. Maybe this is some type of glitch in our brains, that accidentally makes us react to the familiar situation. This would mean our ancestors experienced Déjà vu acted on it. This phenomenon could have led to a costly mistakes.

Whatever the reasons we feel Déjà vu, it has baffled the minds of people for the longest. In today’s society we have all these meanings, but like I said before, our ancestors didn’t. So here we are, still not being able to comprehend why our brains are making us feel one way, even though we know it’s not real. Maybe it’s much more simple than the complex answer we’re looking for. It might be something real, or maybe something as simple as nature keeping us focus and aware.


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