5:00 P.M.

The President of the United States has just finished his speech at the podium. As he walks away and proceeds out the room; the press media screams Mr. President. He makes his way down a long stretch of hallway which consist of ivory beams, red velvet carpeting, and wall paintings. Secret Servicemen are in front of him as well as behind him. A White House Aide walks next to him as they prepare to exit the premises (5:05 p.m.).

5:06 P.M.

Out the front door the President emerges with his secret service protection and his Aide. The President enters his limousine, while servicemen quickly enter sports utility vehicles. Congregation of police squad cars await the gates of the White House opening, as the President’s limousine pulls toward the gates. Once the gates open, the two sports utility vehicles are first out of the confines of the White House property. The limousine exits the premises, as two more sports utility vehicles follow. The sirens of the police squad cars blare, as they follow the President’s limousine and the four sports utility vehicles (5:10 p.m.).

5:11 P.M.

The President’s motorcade drives through the streets as pedestrians stop and stare, some take pictures. The police drive ahead of the sports utility vehicles, cutting off traffic as the President’s limousine speeds by cut off cars. Police drive away from cut off cars to catch up to the rest of the motorcade. The motorcade continues to hold up traffic, eventually making its way to a hotel. The police squad cars block off the hotel’s perimeter, as the sports utility vehicles and the President’s limousine enter underground parking of the hotel (5:20 p.m.).

5:23 P.M.

The President walks with group of secret servicemen, and his Aide as they proceed to an underground elevator. A maintenance worker is in the elevator once the doors open, startling the President and his servicemen. The worker is apprehended and held by a few servicemen, as the other servicemen enter the elevator with the President and the Aide (5:24 p.m.).

5:25 P.M.

The servicemen exit the elevator with the Aide and the President. They all walk from the elevators, pass the lobby, down an even longer hallway. Once all the men reach close to their destination, three hotel maids exit an elevator near the ballroom doors. Servicemen surrounding the President and Aide move in on the maids, in an attempt to protect the President. Servicemen standing at the door, make ready to open the ballroom doors. The Aide prepares to follow the President, but he receives a text message to come to the lobby. The Aide walks away, as the doors open and the President enters, as cameras flash and people clap their hands (5:28 p.m.).

5:29 P.M.

A stage is not far from the door, as the President walks up to the podium. The room full of people continue to clap, as the President allows them to take their seats. The President is momentarily distracted as he stares in the direction of servicemen standing at the door. Another serviceman enters the ballroom and whispers in the ear of another serviceman at the door. The whisperer stands at the door as the other serviceman leaves the ballroom. The President begins his speech (5:32 p.m.).

6:00 P.M

The President says thank you, as the room stands to applaud. As he prepares to walk away from the podium, the serviceman whisperer approaches the stage from the front. The President makes eye contact with him as the whisperer pulls his gun, shooting the President. Groups of servicemen race toward the man whom just shot the President, shooting and killing him. The President lies on stage, while the room goes in mass chaos. Servicemen yelling for a medic, but there is no use, the President is dead (6:05 p.m.).

How did it happen, how did the President of the United States manage to get assassinated by an individual in such a well-guarded room? I, being a detective wanted to figure out how something like this could happen. The last assassination attempt on a President was Ronald Reagan, and since then, we have managed to protect the President quite well. I have a series of issues from beginning to end. For starters, secret service dropped the ball in the beginning by getting their sports utility vehicles before the President was securely in his limousine. My next issue is that police had to cut off traffic; which I feel shouldn’t have taken place to be begin with. If it were up to me, all those streets leading to the President’s destination would have been blocked off. As police were blocking streets, they broke up the protective motorcade around the President’s limousine; leaving him open to attack.

Once at the hotel, I would not have allowed all the police to stay on the street, while only four sports utility vehicles followed the limousine underground. Police officers should have been underground with the President, serving as additional protection. From there the problems really start, how did that maintenance worker come from that elevator? Who allowed that worker down elevator, knowing the President was coming up? This forced servicemen to stay with the worker, taking away from the President protection. Then there were the maids, why were those workers exiting the elevator in front of the President’s entrance into the ballroom? Someone would have been reprimanded if I found out who allowed them access because more men were forced to stay with the maids. Now the only protection the President had was a few servicemen, as well as two more at the entrance.

The President entering the room unprotected, as he stepped onto the stage. Big mistake because cameras were flashing, forcing the President to be temporarily disoriented. He should have never been allowed access to that stage by himself. What a lousy job the secret service had done up to this point with the President; such a disappointment. As the President finished his speech and prepared to exit the stage, where were the service protection? How was it so, that only one man walked toward the stage? Who was he and why did he replace the other serviceman at the door? Why was he allowed to shoot the President? I’ll tell you why he was able to; I’ll tell you why there were so many mishaps.

My name is Steve, I was born September 20, 1975 in Richmond, Virginia. All my life I wanted to work at the White House with the President of the United States. So when I was called to serve, I was more than willing to assist my country. That is until my country chose a leader who I felt was not interested in me or my country. So what does my life have to do with the President’s death? You want to know why there were so many mistakes. Oh no, I wasn’t the gunman, if that’s what you’re thinking. Shooting guns were never my forte. I was the man who created the setup for his assassination. Yes me, the President’s Aide. That’s right, who else knew as much about his schedule, the route, the destination, and his entrance into the ballroom, but me. Now the lack of security for the President and irresponsibility of the streets not being blocked off, that’s coincidence. On the other hand, that maintenance worker, my plan, the maids, my plan, and the stage guy, my plan. That’s right, executed perfectly from beginning to the end. Wait a minute, hold on, there is a knock at the door, “Who is it?” “FBI, open up!” “Holy shit, how the hell did they find out?” My door is kicked in, they barge in, guns drawn, proceeding to arrest me.


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