Symbols: How We Change Their Meanings

Symbols represent an abstract meaning for something that we attach to an image or an idea. Images have been used as representations throughout history, some good and some have lived in infamy.  There have been some symbols that have stood for one thing and over time have been changed. For example the rainbow flag is a representation for the Gay community, but in the past it has had other meanings. The rainbow flag in the past was used for peace, and carried biblical interpretation with Christianity in the far past. Ironic how the flag of the gay community is synonymous with a religion such as Christianity. Other symbols have a more sinister meaning such as the Swastika, which has stood for the Nazi Party. Something that many people don’t know is that this symbol stands for luck and prosperity in the Indian culture. It’s not always a flag, but another symbol is the number 666. This has forever been the number for the devil, but it has been become popular in recent years by younger generation that don’t believe in the religious aspect.


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