Lost Hope Landscape

“When will it end?

Approximately 365 murders in Chicago; one for every day of the year. What’s crazy, is that this number is not for the year, but midway 2016. We are only in the month of July and the city could hit 700 at this rate. Over the past five years, there have been between 2,000 and 3,000. Since the end of the civil rights movement, especially with the death of Martin Luther King Jr., the community have taken a turn for the worst. Not long after his assassination the narcotics started to flood into the neighborhoods. Starting with Heroin in the 1970’s and Cocaine in the late 1970’s into the 1980’s; then Crack Cocaine from the 1980’s into the 1990’s.

You ask yourselves, why is this bit of history important? Because it aims at understanding how the violence in a city like Chicago took place. With the drugs into the community in combination with the destructive welfare system, a generation of came from it. A generation that seems has lost all hope in the world. Bring that I have a father from the city, he has informed me that the death toll does not look like slowing down. An uncomfortable topic considering we are toward the end of the presidency of Barack Obama, America’s first Black president.

Now, is this more of Obama’s job to address or not? Some say yes because not only is it for the racial attachment, but that he served as a Junior Senator in Illinois. He was also a community organizer in Chicago. But the other side of is that Chicago has been like this for years and may continue after he leaves office. The city has always had this rouge, cowboy like mystic about it. Nonetheless, it has been a killing field over the recent years. Signs point to everything from lack of employment to gangs and drugs.

We are witnessing a generation in peril, with not a sight of change in the foreseeable future. With everything going on with law enforcement as well as Chicago, the question of when will it end comes to mind. What does it all mean? Why has it gotten so bad? Is it bad because it’s getting better? How long will it go on? Has it always been this bad? Unless it is fully addressed the problems will persist.

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