Miseducation of Education

20150827_124636Growing up in my mother’s house, my sisters and I were always encouraged to attain our education. So naturally, as with any child who grew up in an environment of stability, I chose to go along with the flow. What I didn’t understand is the realization of education in our society. After high school, I went off to undergraduate as both my sisters have gone before me. From the moment I walked onto campus, students were all being helped into their dorms by their families. I, on the other hand moved in alone. Not only that, but in an entirely different region of the country. As I navigated through the campus, making my way to my dorm, something made me feel out of place. Not understanding where this feeling came from, I ignored it and kept proceeding on.

In my first semester this feeling of being out of place returned and I made the decision to return home for college.  Transferring back to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in Spring of the year 2007, I decided to major in Business Management with more of a concentration in Marketing. Now why am I bringing my major into play? Because at the time of applying to college, I was researching where numerous articles and countless commentary focused on business degrees. Being influenced by these opinionated individuals who were well-respected academics, I decided business just made sense. The only problem, is that all throughout my undergraduate studies college just didn’t make sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love education, but it’s school I don’t understand.

There are so many expectations for students once they graduate college, yet no one is telling you about the grim reality of the job market once you are no longer a college student. After going through my undergraduate years, and preparing for my college graduation I sat in my dorm room with an acceptance letter from my future MBA program in New York City.  Some may say, “Why go back to college after graduating from college?” Well, in the year 2008, the economy started to go into a downward spiral and a lot of students coming from college didn’t have a job. Even though I graduated three years later, the economy was still at a standstill. So, going back to college was the excuse I needed to prolong heading into the bleak job market.

Now, in the year 2015, I have graduated with my MBA and working two part-time jobs. It dawned on me about two years ago that the American education system as it pertains to college is one big game. You are expected to go to college, and get your degree; graduate and get a job. The only problem is that no one guarantees you a job, yet when that six month grace period ends, the government wants their money back. Why would they insist you go o college knowing jobs are few and far between? For me, I realized in graduate school that I could make my own luck. If you make your own luck, how come so many people don’t follow their dreams. Parents are part of the reason and fear of failure is another. We get this idea that only if I go to college I can get a high paying job and won’t have worries of paying bills. Only getting a high paying job is like applying to college all over again.

You need references, resumes, and cover letters; it’s just unfair. But the game is that going to college won’t warrant a successful life. The are statistics that show a correlation between college educated people non-college educated. The fact of the matter is, is that success is the combination of ideas you come to the table with, as well as your own consistent work. So understand next time people say if you don’t go to college, you won’t be successful. Remember that as long as you have the brains and drive, you can write your own ticket; meaning becoming your own employer.

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