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“Building takes time, but damn, I’m three years in!”

Since the year 2015, I have been blogging off and on. This year I’ve been more consistent on a daily basis. But now that it has been three years, I’m now trying to figure out a way to further grow my topical blog site here on My first year I had 196 views, 70 visitors, no likes nor any comments. But I increased my usage in the year 2016 and the result of that work was 2,005 Image result for blogging trendviews, 600 visitors, 121 likes, and 11 comments. Now that we are in the year 2017, I have really been active on my WordPress blog site. And since then I have raked in this year 4,976 views, 878 visitors, 109 likes, and 29 comments. So my next questions is, “What will the rest of the year, and 2018 hold in store for me?”

Because I look at all these blogs that stated that they received thousands of traffic in a year. But something about that didn’t seem right the more I thought about it. Then I heard how too frequent of blogging may cause your numbers to slow up. But my reply to that is, Image result for bloggingshouldn’t people want a base of topics for me to cover everyday. What type of audience wouldn’t want some good insight on a daily basis. So now I am left with all these questions on how to build my blog. For now, writing everyday has kept my mind sharp because I want to become a working screenwriting, playwright, and novelist. And I contribute to my blog posts everyday; meanwhile I am working on my next short film. When that is complete, I will be back to writing my screenplays and books.

What should I do? Should I stop writing for a while? Or should I have more patients and keep at it? Because at this point it is like a daily routine that keeps me consistent with my writing. I’m closing in slowly on a milestone of 7,000 views all time. I don’t know, I guess I get jittery, especially when I hear the success of other people’s blogs. Image result for bloggingBut you can’t get a good enough gauge of how long they have been blogging. I’m prepared to go the distance, but only if I had some time frame, with some advice on how to build. Some would say keep on my current path, and others might say change it up. Where are my successful people out there who have built theirs to thousands per month, hundreds of thousands, or even millions?

I know my writing has gotten better since I first started. And my base of information has grown as well. And to make things fair for readers, I provide them with a broad outlook on various topical issues. Even going as far as taking a stance on both sides of a topic. Then again, maybe I’m just overreacting to the slow move of my blog. Because here I am complaining about three years, better yet 2.5 years. And there are people who have been building their blog sites for 5-7 years, or even as much as 10 years. In the end, hopefully 2018 looks better than 2017. If that’s the case, then maybe, just maybe all of this is in my head. And everything I have doing up to this point won’t have been for nothing. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Is tech getting in your way?”

What’s your Instagram? Tweet me. Send me a DM. Let’s text. These are a few of the replies or questions that we say to each other in today’s society when showing interest. How come we can’t just approach each other and strike up a conversation? It’s almost as if our technology has gotten in the way of our conversations as men and women. You may ask, well how has this happened? Well, let’s first  start with social media sites like Instagram.

Instagram is a photo, video, and file sharing site where people can view each others profiles by way of posting pictures and video content. There are people with as few as no one following their daily activity to millions of followers. The problem with this form of connecting that you get a false sense of people’s real day to day lives. There are countless picture quotes that will explain an open window into people’s lives. But this site makes the viewers sometimes gain an image of who you portray yourself to be not necessarily who you really are in life. This could effect our intimate relationships because this person you met might seem like their life is exciting but at a closer glance it’s not.

Another form of impersonal relationships have been through Twitter. A website where people can tell what’s on their mind through 110 characters. Now, if you ask me, anyone trying to get their point across in such few characters don’t have much to say. Problem is, is that only is it impersonal, but it has been known to get people into trouble. Why is that? Well for starters, you are able to detect tone in the voice when something is typed. The tone is subjective, so if read the wrong way, it could land you into trouble. Another  problem  is that people spew ignorance from their mouths under a fake profile that they would never say in person. It makes them feel almost untouchable and safe.

Well, what about which boast about 700 million people plus globally. It’s a community of users initially created for college students to connect and now is open to anyone. Anyone from middle school to college, and above. Problem with this medium is that even though you can connect to people you might otherwise have forgotten, it can also effect relationships. Facebook has a portion of the website called single, relationship, married, and/or complicated. It has been the cause of many fights as well as people asking you to friend them who may not be approved by your significant other.

Now the previous were just some of the most popular of the countless sites people log onto every day. Others include Tinder and Grindr, where singles go to meet people. And within no time you can meet someone for a date or even sex. Then there is Snapchat to connect to your audience via video content. And there is even another relationship site called Cuddle, where singles go to date. So as you can see, these cellular telephone and computer apps have gotten in the way of intimate relationships. People used to approach each other and meet. Now you must request a friendship via the internet. In the end the future of relationships could be in jeopardy at this rate. In jeopardy when there is no more building and easy access into each others lives is just a click away.