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“Our wholes together can effect the world much better.”

Do you relish in working alone on projects? I am one of those types of people who love to work alone. But now that I have ventured into the world of indie filmmaking, I can no longer work alone on projects. I know how to write, direct, and produce, but what about the acting? Better yet, what about the sound mixing, sound design, production design, makeup and hair, boom operating, lighting crew, and assistance on set? These are roles that I don’t have expertise in, and need people with that level of knowledge to assist me. So with that said, I realized that I have to reach out to people who are in the know, that can aid me so the project comes out correctly how I envisioned it. So why do we like working alone when working as a team is better?

We like to do so because the ideas in our heads are so alive and vibrant. But without the right people around you, the ideas are merely just that, an idea stuck in your head. For example, I am not an artistic director, I can draw something, but to get the full spectrum of what I want to convey, I am unable to do so. So having an person strong in this area is quite important. That is what makes a person great at what they do. This is also true when running a company. The CEO is the chief over the entire company, but what about the COO, CFO, and the President. Better yet, what about your VP’s, Heads of this department and that department, as well as Human Resource people. All the way down to the day-to-day employees that make things happen who you will never meet.

See, bringing together these people who work well to make this well oiled machine operate is what makes the person at the top great at their jobs. It’s like a conductor in an orchestra. The conductor’s job is not enough, you need a violinist, a cello, the harp, and a bass player, but what about a trumpeter and tuba player. To the listener, we hear beautiful music, that you wouldn’t otherwise hear if it came from just one person. Because in the end, the collective working together to accomplish a goal will always work better than one. We want to work alone because so many of us like recognition for our work ourselves. When in reality, bringing in people to make it better helps boost it that much more. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“It’s all our job to pitch in.”

My grandmother grew up in the south and she used to tell me about how she at an early age had to be a farm hand. Not just her, but any siblings that were born during that time and old enough to work. Why did they have to work the farm, besides being told in her time period they had no choice, aiding the family. Everyone had to play a vital role in helping to move this family. It wasn’t one person had to work and everyone else kind of lived off of their hard work. But a lot has changed during that time period. Because my grandmother was born in the early 1930’s right after the Great Depression hit. So everyone really had to put their best foot forward. This was the all-encompassing group known as the Silent Generation where everyone just kept their mouths closed and did as they were told: work.

Some like to think that the introduction of the welfare system is what kind of made people remove themselves from the mind-frame of everyone pitching into the family. Because what was supposed to be a small contribution to help you get on your feet, has turned into a crutch. The thought process of something for nothing took hold. And the entire concept of family pulling their weight began to diminish. People in today’s society have this thought that just because we are related by blood that means something. Yet even in a family, you have to earn just as much as everyone else. If one person is contributing and that contribution ever gets lost, then the entire house falls down. So you need more people putting into the pot for the pot to sustain.

Because the core meaning of family is more centralized to just your parents and siblings. Then you have your overall family which consists of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. And last, you have the distant family members which are those you never see except once every so few years. But your first and foremost obligation is to your immediate family which is your spouse and children. This is the unit that receives the most attention and the most aid first. So you have to make sure everyone in this unit is doing their job, then look outward to the rest of family. But in the end, everyone must pull their weight. There can’t be one person working and everyone else kid of laid back on the sidelines. Because once it gets to that point, people have lost all respect for you and it comes too easy. And that’s when you either tell them to change or cut ties. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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