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“Becoming what you fight against most often tends to be the outcome.”

I am only 29 years old, yet in my lifetime I have seen so many agendas pushed in our society regarding human rights. Yet when these groups get what it is they want, what do they become? They at times become the very people they fight against. Meaning if you are fighting for women’s rights in this country, now there is power behind the movement. And with the power comes individuals staging a protest over every comment made about women. Now you’re dipping into your popularity. And once this happens, you become the same as the people you once fought against. But why do we do it? Why is it so easy to become the people you fight against?

Well, for starters, it’s easy to become the people you fight against because you are fighting to be equal  initially. Yet, what human really want to be equal to the next person. This isn’t a Communist country, we fight against that, so what do we really want? We want to actually receive equal treatment under the law. So if I get Image result for rebelcharged with a crime and I am a man, women don’t want to expect to receive a more harsh punishment. But is that even remotely real as it pertains to us as human beings. See, I like observing us in our natural state. And in our natural state, the moments when we are unaware of our behavior, we act a way not conducive with our conscious selves.

Meaning, when we don’t feel like anyone is watching us, we act as if we are better than those not on our level. Then when we are asked a series of questions pertaining to our sentiment, we become aware. And then it does not align itself with who we really are in society. So in all, the fight against the people who we once felt were in our way of whatever it is we want is real, yet the fight takes on different forms. When we don’t think anyone is watching, we start to, as I say before, dip into our popularity. We hold success over the heads of the people we once fought, and now they are under our control. Do we treat them fair and equal? No, we become what they once were, and now the cycle starts over. Only this time the oppressors are a new generation of oppressed, by the very people their parents or grandparents oppressed.

Why do we operate this way? Is it something about us as a human species where we can’t help ourselves. In my opinion, humanity did not evolve to reign over each other. We built societies where there needed to be control over the populace. Because humans in our most natural state is on par with other creatures of the planet. So we have to design social norms to live by. Yet the norms we create have always been challenged by way of movements from people the construct hurt the most. And in the end, with each movement starting up, and attaining rights; this new power structure will be fought against by future generations. For the simple fact that once the group has their rights, now what? Do the people who once fought vanish; no. They just take on a new form, and a new movement arises from which these previous fighters once came. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Living to work.”

As a child my mother would explain to me the hurdles in life I would have to overcome to succeed in America. Conversing with me about how people in society who may not like me simply because of their own beliefs towards those who look like myself. She wasn’t giving me this knowledge as a means to keep me from pursuing my goals in life. She just wanted me to be aware of the pitfalls I may come up against. Was she lying, no; everything I was taught growing up, I experienced. What has it done, it makes you work harder. Sounds fine right; wrong. If anything, your life becomes a job and not necessarily one to be enjoyed. Well, what do I mean by not enjoying your existence?

After leaving high school, I experienced more of what I was raised I would experience. What it now does it that you not only work harder, but it becomes an obsession. You live to work and not work to live. Meaning hard working Black people, especially males, you tend to work to combat something that is racially driven. You’re not working to pay bills, feed yourself & family, or even enjoy your life. You’re just working on a daily basis to combat stereotypes. Most of which state that Black people are lazy and don’t want to work. So, a lot of times your home life or social life fails. Then to add to it, if you work in a professional environment where you’re one of only Black people working there you have to put in more. Because when you screw up, it will catch more attention.

Well, why, why when we do achieve as Black people it’s usually on such a high level? The reason being that we are taught as children that if you’re not twice as good as your White counterparts in your pursuit in life, you’re not going to be successful. We are taught you have to be twice as good to be average. It’s the same reason why Black athletes succeed at such a high level, Black entertainers bring so much to entertainment, and in day to day society we have to go so hard. My pursuit in life is to be a writer for the most part. While the average White male or female want to write compelling material, my goal is to be above Ernest Hemingway or Edgar Allan Poe. It’s only to be average to their work because I have to, not because I choose to.

There are plenty of days, I wish I could be just a normal run of the mill guy. But my average is seen as below average on the charts. So I have to try to crush the past generations of White men and women’s work to be their equal. If they sold 1 million books, you aim at trying to sell 5 million. Because throughout American history, your 5 is their 1. Now, some can say that’s ridiculous, but look at the leaders. There have been some pretty average White men and women who have held very powerful positions. There have been some pretty average, even less than average films and television shows that have not performed well in theaters, yet were given the most credibility. But how many Black people in those same positions have been mediocre, and held top positions. The answer is none, why, because you can’t.

In the end, I’m not saying that I want to be a loser. But giving your life over to working in a world where no matter how hard you work it is still average compared to everyone else is not normal. You tend to lose the ability to build relationships with friends or monogamous relationships. Your time is spent combating more issues than building. So as for me, will I believe the idea that I don’t have to work that hard. No, because still to this day that is evident. I have to beat you (non-Black people) to be average or equal to you.


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“The build is tough, yet well worth it.”

In the year 2016, I became I a big fan of the podcast show the Brilliant Idiots. For those of you who don’t know the Brilliant Idiots, it is a podcast show by the Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne tha God and comedian Andrew Schultz. Their podcast consist of topics that have to do with current events in America today. They cover topics ranging from their favorite musicians to the political landscape of our country. From monogamous relationships to how to inspire yourself. Through becoming a fan of this show, I have decided to create my own podcast. So at the end of 2016, I had already started writing down topics I want to cover for my show.

Now, you may ask, what are you possibly going to cover. I thought about covering some of the same topics. But once I soon realized how unhappy I would be trying to shift through all the bad stuff that goes on in our world to talk about. So I decided this year that I am going to make a scripted motivational and inspirational podcast show. I have a lot to write about in regards to how to motivate and inspire. Why, well because as a newly published novelist, blogger, and screenwriter, I am constantly trying to motivate myself more and more. The inspiration comes through me pursuing a goal that most see as just some dream I’m chasing. But I’m not chasing a dream, I’m chasing the pursuit of happiness.

Now, does that mean I am currently unhappy. No, I’m not where I would like to be in my career path, but not unhappy. If it weren’t for me trying to pursue a career as a writer, I probably would be miserable. So creating a free podcast show for people to tune in and hear words of motivation and inspiration not only helps them, but me as well. You see, in America today, we are currently enthralled with the new president Donald Trump. So he’s going to be in the media enough. And me having a topical podcast based around societal issues would mean following along with the traffic behind him. In my opinion, people need some type of motivation, and to feel inspired. So how do you get people to listen?

There are plenty of motivational and inspirational shows and books out there, so how do you get them to listen. You have to provide more than just the normal motivation. Meaning, you say the words to help people feel motivated, but my goal is a scripted motivational show based around writing out words of how to push in life and steps toward your goal. And since I am in lieu of my own goals, I feel that my motivation will inspire others. In the end, people need a reason to keep pushing. It’s hard when employment is so hard to come by. You have bills and families to care for. So, hopefully, I can use what drives me to propel others forward.