“Make your own luck.”

In life, it’s a flip of the coin, you can either win or lose. It’s all about how the coin chooses to land. But is it all about luck, or do you make your own luck. Do you have to always take what life throws at you? I am a firm believer in making your own luck. You can tailor make your life whatever you want it to be. The choice is yours in how it ultimately turns out. We all have this vision of where we want to see ourselves. Then, that vision becomes blocked at times once certain obstacles are put in our pathway. But what about people who are dealt a bad hand. How do they make their own luck.

Well, it’s like the saying, “If someone has done it coming from where you came from, looking like you do, it is possible.” At times it’s hard to see the future because you’re stuck in the now. But in order to reach the future, you have to embrace the now to get to that point in the future. We also get stuck comparing ourselves to everyone else. Instead, you should focus on where you want to be in what it is you are pursuing. And making your luck can get stifled when looking at everyone else.

Well, how so, how does life become stifled? Because their climb is their climb and your climb is yours. You can’t judge you from them because you never know how they got to their point. You have to say, what’s for them is for them. And what’s for me is for me. Easier said than done, especially if you have close people in your life who can influence your thought process. Which leads me to my next view on making your own luck. The hardships of not wanting to upset those around you.

In life, you never want to feel like you are letting others down. Especially if the others are your close friends and family. But sometimes you must be disobedient to reach the place where you want to be in life. What I mean by that is, you know your strengths and weaknesses. You know you better than anyone, so don’t take a path because you think it will make you more accepted by your peers. Make them respect you for the decisions you make and stand firm. Yet sometimes, these are the main people you may have to cut out of your life. Like I said in previous posts, not everyone is meant to be in your life. So if they are, they’ll be there, if not so be it.

In the end, flipping the coin can land anyway any how, yet you make your luck. Stop holding your breathe waiting for things to happen. Flip the coin, because you can make it land heads or tails depending on how you set up your own life.


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“Are you always putting people before yourself?”

Are you a person who always think about the well-being of others before yourself? Do you tend to put the needs of others before the needs of yourself? Have you ever asked yourself where this feeling comes from to save people? Why do you think it’s your job to correct another human being? Could it be because it makes you feel good? Or is it because they genuinely need the help? There are so many of these people who exist in our world. You would think that’s admirable to be one of these people. And in theory, they are good-nature people. But everything you think is great is not always the great thing to do. Well why, why isn’t doing the right thing, doing the right thing.

For starters, you can’t always bend over backward to help people because you’ll cripple them. Just because you think you’re helping does not mean you are helping. Some people need to be put into the ocean and forced to swim or drown. By always throwing them a life raft, you become an enabler. Whereabout you start to stifle your own growth in the process. Then when it’s time for you to get something out of life, the people you helped have drained you so much, their is nothing to bring you up. This is why you must come first before anyone else in the world. Now, this becomes easy to say when you’re single and have no children. But even with kids, if children are always coming first before yourself, then what do you have to give you once they leave your house? Everyone has a hand out, and you suffer in the end.

Another downside of the hand out mentality is that you give and give and give. The moment you say no, you’re now the biggest piece of garbage in the world. You can give 99 times, the 100th time you say no, and that’s it. They don’t remember the 99 other times, just the one time. That’s why you must master the art of the word no. Tough when it’s family, but these are the main groups of people you have to say no to in life. They see you are up in spirits, and instead of using you as an example to propel themselves forward, they impose their misfortunes onto you. People love to welcome others into their own misery because they don’t want to cope with it in life alone.

So see, in the end, it’s not your job to make sure the world is OK. We all have to be responsible for the situations we create for ourselves. No one in this world is responsible for you as an adult. The only one with stake in interest in you being successful is you. In theory, it sounds good to care for others, yet when that care is not making progress in the person’s life, you have to leave them to their own devices. Because there is no nobility in holding down anyone not willing to take the appropriate steps in making their own lives better by way of you helping them. Cutting them furthermore when they are also clearly not willing to reciprocate when you need the help.




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“Ever have a hard time looking at yourself?”

 The United States of America has such a deep fear of transparency in this country. We hate looking into mirrors and seeing ourselves for who we really are in society. There is this fear that when the people do see us for who we are, it will uncover something about us we don’t want out. But that person or people you’re worried about seeing the real you is the same as you. We all are hiding from ourselves hoping ourselves are not seen by ourselves. It’s a strange concept, but we live like this on a constant basis. But is it something that has happened in the recent years or is it what we have always been? Have we always been phony and never even realized it?

In my opinion, the more information we have in society the more we are forced to sit and take a look at realize ourselves for who we are in this world. And that is the hardest realization to come to. But if we are all the same in our fear of people seeing us, why are we so quick to point the finger at someone else? Could it be because the person or people we point the finger at makes us feel better about ourselves? Or is that hypocrisy is more of a subconscious action that we don’t even realize we’re taking part in until we’re called out on it? Once the person or people are called on it, they start to scramble through their minds as to what should come out of their mouths next. The easy out allows the person the ability to not have to explain themselves when the person being criticized is a public figure.

And public figure is a very interesting aspect of the judging. We love to point the finger at them. Then when they say something is indicative to the all of us, we say, well you’re supposed to be better. But what they’re really saying is that my life stinks and if you’re no better than me in a higher position than myself, it really reinforces how awful my life really is. So I have this illusion of power which forces you (the public figure) now to apologize for what you say or do. Because if you don’t say sorry, I can’t look at myself in the mirror you having all these perks on top of success, and I have nothing.

And that’s why our language and behavior takes on so much duplicity. We don’t think anyone is watching us and we are discouraged with our own lives. We like to see a train wreck so we not only can witness the greatest show on Earth. But also so we can fall asleep and smile knowing that people above us have lives just as bad as ours. When in reality it’s the total opposite. So in the end, I don’t think you will ever get the people to see themselves for who they genuinely are in life. That is why we always have a public figure who we shift blame to. It’s one of the reasons so many people take issue with Donald Trump. To me, every time he speaks, it is like putting a mirror up. Because the discomfort we all feel about a particular group of people, he openly expresses it.