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“You might make it, but despite and in spite of.”

Growing up in the inner city, I had a lot of people around me who were on welfare. From my mother at one point in time, to the neighbor up the street, friends, family, and everyone else in between. But there is an even bigger issue with the welfare system that is not discussed enough. And no, I am not referring to the tax payers money being drained. I am referring to the systematic failure it has had on the community it serves. People who are raised on welfare state that they have made it despite growing up on welfare. No one thanks welfare for making them successful. It’s always a way to discredit the program that was actually supposed to help poor families.

Well let’s breakdown welfare as a policy in America. When a woman is a single parent and the father is not providing her with assistance, she is now left without help. So she must go to the government and apply for aid in helping her care for her child/children. Yet when looking at the policy from a rational standpoint, shouldn’t welfare be designed to aid families. The policy should be designed to try keeping the family together. Yet, women are given aid for every child she has without the father present.  Even though there are countless women who depend on welfare, it sets a dangerous precedent in America. A precedent, which has actually hurt a community at large.

And that target community is the African American community. You look in the past from the 1960’s into the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. The number of two parent families have drastically declined, and with that decline, welfare cases have risen, but something else has also risen. The disproportionate number of violent crimes in these predominantly Black areas as well. Because now, without that father present, this mother is taking on the burden of raising children alone. So she is not able to monitor everything alone. Her children, more so her son/s, run the street, getting into trouble. They are caught, placed in juvenile facilities, which are just temporary holding cells until they are sent to state or federal prisons. And that is the domino effect of welfare.

Whenever a policy is designed in giving someone a monetary reward for every child they have without the other person present, it can go downhill. Because now, there is a systematic out that can be used in the form of housing, food, and medical aid, payable by tax payers. The incentive to be self sufficient slowly dissipates, and you begin to raise generations of children who think that someone is supposed to provide them with something. That entitlement creeps into adulthood, and the only hurt is to the child. Almost like how everyone gets a trophy, even if they lost the competition. Now those children become adults who feel their 50% should be someone else’s 100%. And the system of people who pushed it are the first group of people to say go screw yourself when you are down and out.

See, in the end, the policy sounds great. But when you look at the trends over time, it degrades a community. The benevolence is nothing more than poison to the minds of young people growing up on it. Who think that a systems cares about them, when in reality it will stop. And that’s the scary part; it will stop. Eventually it will stop and not slowly, but immediate. So you’re talking communities would now be living in the worst poverty imaginable because what should have been gotten rid of in the past is their demise today.



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“When did we become a nation of fear?”

Recently, there was a terrorist attack in an arena in the United Kingdom after an Ariana Grande concert. Nearly two dozen were killed and many more were injured. What this did was put the United States on high alert with regards to our arenas, stadiums, airports, etc. This, on top of an already nervous country scared as it pertains to the future of our nation. So what is it; how has America turned into this nation of fear? We used to approach situations with confidence, now everything is based off of fear. We used to have fight, now we find any reason not to fight. I have a few reasons as to why this might be.

For decades, America has pride itself on being a strong economy. But due to factory jobs being shipped overseas and an economic downturn, a lot of people have lost confidence. And with that loss in confidence, people have become scared for their futures. All coupled with the ever rising issues pertaining to Islamic extremists groups. Now in American society, we base so much on fear. Every time you turn on the news it is a constant rotation of how afraid you should be. Airports blar alarm systems that test our capabilities of being ready in case of an attack. It’s starting to feel like the 1940’s through the 1950’s. How school children used to have to hid under desk and in closets because we thought the Soviets would drop a nuke on America.

Now here we are in the United States today, once again, afraid for our lives. But, we are not afraid for our lives at the same time. We are not afraid of a foreign enemy, we’re afraid of our future here in this country. And the terrorist just adds to the already fear for our future. So with the industrial revolution running its course and limited jobs, as well as a divisive political landscape, we have all these fears. One the other hand, there is actually a lot more money to be made and the threat of terror will always be there. So what should the country do to get ourselves out of this rut we are in as a nation.

Number one, people must admit that we are in a rut. We must admit we are not like we used to be. Another aspect of getting out of our rut, is to eliminate this fear inside. And it comes from the attacks globally. America should be able to look these men engaging in terror in the eyes and threaten retaliation if they attack us. Do it, and be righteous. I’m not saying we should be violent, but we have to protect ourselves as well. But most of all, America is socially ruined and is in need of some serious repair. In the end, we have to find a way to bring that fight back into the country. Move past these petty differences, and propel ourselves forward into a nation of success.




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“Why are we so F**K’N stupid!” “Why people, why!”

People in today’s society have this problem that I call Lazy Stupidity and Delayed Consciousness. I take issue with people like this because they have popped up in record numbers in the recent years. Why am I so upset about them? It’s because we have allowed this stupidity to win. And what I mean by winning I mean, we have allowed the lowest common denominator the access of being right. But at the same time, we also love not being in the know. In the past people would work hard to seek out information. But since today we are so inundated with information, it’s almost as if getting facts is a waste of time. Or better yet, maybe lies sound better.

Let’s start off by discussing the first issue. And that is why do we allow these ill informed, undesirables the ability to have a voice in society. And I don’t mean just any voice. I mean why are they allowed to win. It’s because we have this silent majority in the country. And that silent majority just nods their head and agrees. But that loud minority is so loud that at times, things appear to be a problem when it’s really not a problem all. You know who they are, the trolls who go on Instagram and Facebook. They leave long detailed hate messages that when you break each sentence apart you can see their own mental anguish. The good ones say stuff like, “Nice work,” “Good luck,” and “Love you.” “The people with something negative to say leave messages that could rival this blog post.

Why do we let them win? Why even pay attention to the comments? There are probably so many others that are nice, but we have to read the long passages. These long passage writers also have something else that makes them undesirable; they love not being in the know. Everyone like using words like, “#WOKE,” or “#CONSCIOUS.” But with the state of context being ruined, people think they’re woke, but really it’s nothing but a bunch of sleep walkers. For example, the heading of a story says, “CELEB GETS BREAST IMPLANTS, WAY TOO BIG!” What I generally do is go, click the link and read the story. Too often, people look at the photo, and the article heading, then comment without gaining any knowledge on what the topic is about.

This lack of getting facts I read once before in a Yahoo.com comment section about NFL players showing support for troops. A few dyed their cleats in the USA flag. This was done right after athletes knelt during the national anthem. Yet people in the comment box ripped them. But they only read the part where the previous week, guys protested. You would think once the right information was given to them they changed their stance. No, they had to stick by their points. Yet another example of how you have to deal with the ill informed. This exist in other facets of life as well, politics being a major topic. We read news articles, not even knowing if it’s credible, we’ll feed right into it because the lie sounds so much better than the truth.

In the end, society love not knowing and using that unknown to express how they feel about a particular topic. Notice I said feel. An ill informed individual who is fueled through emotions will never have a rational point in a conversation. They only see their reasoning and that’s it. This is why I can’t understand why we’re letting them win. But you what I’ve come to the conclusion of in regards to these people. Allow them to rant and hate on a keyboard. Because while they rant you can gain real insight that will enrich your own life. Then you can eventually go off and create the news they continue to converse over.