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“What little they had made way for a lot today.”

My mother was born in the year 1960, making her the last of the baby boom generation. This was the first generation where men were coming home from the war and suburbs were being built up all across the country. Mass marketing and advertising was introduced and the influence of entertainment was taking hold. Why was so much going on during this time period? Well, it was because this was an era of mass population growth in the United States. Jobs were in abundance and the men who came home from World War 2 were settling in and with their wives building large families. But there was something else that was prevalent during this time period. And that is the fight which was taken to the streets by women all across the country along with the civil rights movements. Women were expected to act a certain way at times outside the realm of their choice.

It makes you think that what if these women were born in today’s society. How much would they have been able to accomplish had they had that push that women have today? My mother recently showed me a photo of her when she was a teenager running track and field. A sport that I took part in myself at a young age. Only difference between me and her is that, not only am I a man, but the encouragement I received was different than her generations. Girls were told to “shut up” and “keep quiet” when expressing their goals and ambitions. Ambition was for the boys, and staying at home was for the girls. It makes you think; how many of those house wives back decades ago often dreamed when being at home all day. What were their dreams when they would be cleaning floors or preparing meals for the family.

These were thoughts I never got a chance to ask my grandmother or great grandmother that I could ask my mother. I would have loved to ask my great grandmother, before you married my great grandfather what did you dream about in life. Because women today don’t have all these goals and women in the past didn’t have them. It’s just that women were not expected to do anything in life. I was an adult when my grandmother died, I wish I could have asked her what were her goals as well. Just so I could get some clarity into what life was like living with all of this bundled up inside. Asking them what it was like to not be able to do what you wanted to do.

See, in the end, so many young women say there is still a lot of work to accomplish for the women of today. But in the past, they had it much worse, even with the good times. I guess that’s why I push so heavy at my goals because my mother never got her chance to shine like she wanted at a young age. So many women at that time had so much potential to be great, but greatness was not an option. And for the ones who stood out front despite the lack of encouragement, it gave way to so many today. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Know what you’re saying when you say it.”

“These men today ain’t worth nothing.” This is the statement made by so many women in today’s society. They walk about society with the feeling that so many men in our country have lost a sense of chivalry. That being a gentleman has been replaced with the idea that having more women is better than one. Well, what is it; is there something to what is being said about us as men? Or is it just smoke being blown into the air? Nothing more but just more complaining about what men won’t do. I have a few theories as to the real reason this is taking place.

First off, when women say men are lame, think about what you’re saying. And what I mean by that is men don’t approach just anybody. Now, I know you’re thinking, that’s not true.  Yes, you’re right, initially it’s ecstatic. But when it comes to trying to date, you’re wrong. There are two reasons why this guy is talking to you. One is that he sees an aspect of himself in you. The other is that you are a vessel for bullshit. You are a safe haven for his irresponsible. He sees this and tries his best to maneuver his way into the situation.

Well, if true, how come it happens over and over again? The answer to that is that you are an insane person for starters. What do I mean by insane? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. Yes, you may meet one, two, even three, but after this you should start to notice a pattern. My best guess is that you do see a pattern in the guys you date. Whatever your reason for keep getting the same guy each time, it’s not a conspiracy. There is something in this person you like, or something you’re hiding.

Which brings me to my next theory as to why women are getting in unhealthy situations with guys. Women are taught that they make guys better. Now if you meet a guy, and he’s already in a good position, where does that leave you. Or better yet, to an extent you are choosing bad. Because if you choose bad and it goes bad, then hey, what did you have to look forward to anyways. But if you choose good and it goes bad, people start to look at you like the lemon in the situation. It hurts the whole mindset that you make me better because now everyone is looking at you like how did you loose this situation.

In the end, women are emotional. And a lot of times you say things in the moment that you feel mean something. Then once you break it apart, there is some logic missing. And the logic is that there are too many people on Earth for there to be so many not good guys. Mathematically it’s not possible. But when you purge yourself of all feeling, the reality comes out. Whatever the case, when you make profound statements, just be able to rationally explain what you mean.