Brown Cardboard Box on Floor

“When the machine breaks.”


We all dread the idea that we could lose our jobs. And considering most people live for their checks, you can understand the fear of those who do. Now, if you’re one of those blessed people who just happen to earn a little money to get you over, then count your lucky stars. But for most people, they need their job to survive. We never think to ourselves that we could lose our jobs. We go there everyday, with this idea that it could never be me. That is until your name is called. And the scary part about it, is that we have no way of stopping it. But how do you prepare for a situation that may never happen to you?


You get your check and pay your bills, then you go out to eat or shopping. And you don’t realize throughout the year how much money you spend on miscellaneous items. And we don’t put much in savings. That is until the job is gone and now we are scrambling for ways to live. The average American only has enough money in their savings account to hold them over for a few weeks in case they lose their jobs. After that, most people are forced to sleep in the street. But is having a savings something you can truly dig in to when you need it? Are you really secure when you feel you’re secure? What if you’re unemployed for 6 months to a year? That is a stretch to be able to save for in the case you lose your job. And to build capital for the ability to live that long is not as easy as it seems.


If you can find a way to make an additional $200, $300, or even $400 per week, it really helps. Now, how you’re going to do that is the hard part. But in our everyday lives, waste a lot of time doing nothing. With that nothing we can figure out how to make money doing something we enjoy. No amount of money is too small. It seems small in the paradigm of building it, but if something bad happens, you’ll be surprised what it can do for your life. Just keep in mind when you go to work, nothing, absolutely nothing is guaranteed. Never get too comfortable in this ever changing environment.

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Two Brown Goats

“Oh, not you again.”

working next to them stinks

Have you ever been next to someone you work with and can’t stand to look at them. Every time they come around, you get this feeling of resentment. But they are your coworkers so you have to learn to get along somehow. Because if you bring the attitude of how you really feel, then you will have some serious problems. So how do you come to a place where you can have this understanding with each other. You never want to put yourself in a position where you could lose your gig over a workplace dispute. So what do you do in this situation when you are working near someone or people you may not like.

can you switch roles, do so

Luckily you work in an organization with different departments. And the reality of this is that sometimes a job opens up in that particular department. And when that happens it’s like your prayers are answered. But not everyone can just move to another department. But there are roles you may be able to take on inside that space where you currently reside. And that allows for you to move in another direction and be in another place. This is great, not only for you financially, but also for you mentally.

suck it up

Sorry people, you have to learn to live with the idea that you will be around people you don’t like. So just deal or get off the job. And I know that sounds harsh, but it is what it is. Being difficult on the job only means you can get hurt. So find ways to circumvent around the problem.

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