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“How do you see capitalism?”

Greed is the word to describe capitalism in today’s society. But is it all greed and is it all the fault of the person making money? We say we hate capitalism, or is it some of e the people who operate within it. Because if you open a restaurant in the United States, you are a capitalist. Maybe not like the men and women on Wall Street. But you are, in essence, a capitalist. So what do people mean when they say they have an issue with capitalism? Is the problem with capitalism more centralized? Is there a problem within it that has led to concerns here in America? But most of all, is there anything we do to contribute to what we hate most?

Now when I hear, I hate capitalism, I look at it from a centralized viewpoint. Or is it really? There were recently a group of people running throughout cities breaking glass windows of businesses in the U.S. Any business that they felt was a contribution to the capitalism was vandalized. This meant, businesses like Starbucks and McDonald’s, or even flipping over luxury vehicles. Surprisingly enough, people were throughout social media agreeing with the behavior of the looters. Problem with breaking business windows is that a lot of these people are small business owners. They’re not these top executives you see from investment banking companies. The average business owner, or even franchisee, is not bringing home $100 million plus in compensation.

You break the windows to their businesses and costly repairs could be a hit to their pocket books. So what is it? Because to me, if you have a job you’re a contributor to capitalism. So if you hate capitalism that much just quit life. But you won’t do that, so what is it? In my opinion, the majority of people take issue with some of the greed that exist in certain sectors of the corporate world. One of which are the banking executives who are taking in bonuses and compensation packages in the hundreds of millions, some billions. So when your car company and financial institutions are going under and need bailouts; all the while you’re showing up to Congress flown in by private jets, it makes you resentful. That type of upset is understandable because these individuals are very predatory.

But, on the other hand, do we have a hand in the madness? And the answer is yes we do. The I hate capitalism ideology is so petty because if you don’t like capitalistic companies don’t patronize the majors where money is going. Meaning, you can’t say I hate corporations, then turn around and buy thousands of dollars worth of Apple products. Don’t say I hate capitalism, then turn around and trample people during Black Friday. All so you can get a deal on flat screen television or a laptop computer. And that’s why I say protests against capitalism are a waist of time. We say things like screw the corporations then after the protest, discuss our hatred over a mocha latte from Starbucks.

In the end, capitalism will always be an aspect of our lives. As long as you’re willing to open your pockets, someone will forever be there to collect the money. I heard a saying one time that stated if you give ten people $100, at the end of the day one person will have $1,000 and 9 people will be broke. You’re going to always have a poorer demographic. The United States could print out money and give everyone $1 million. In a year, the vast majority will have lost a substantial amount, and the few that stand will be the 1%. So, from where I stand, I don’t have an issue with capitalism. Just certain practices that have polluted the environment.