broken, cry, crying

“Thee broken hearted.”


Those who are the broken hearted people in our society come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of them grew up with hurt and pain in their lives while others came across it later on. They have dealt with so much hurt that now they have put the shoe on the other foot. Yet when they decide to hurt people, they hurt those who are innocent. I guess to them they feel if it can happen to me, and nothing is done, why not anyone else.


You see someone you’re interested in getting to know, yet little do you know, they are broken. You want to either be their friend or partner in a relationship, but they have been upset by others over and over again. Now you are about to be their first victim. You’re a good person, but damn, how did you all of a sudden become their target. Everyone else ran away, but you literally walked straight into their cross hairs. Now, you’re about to feel the full grunt of years of abuse. Strap in and prepare for lift-off.


I remember watching a movie by filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan entitled, “Split.” The movie is about a man with split personalities who kidnaps three young females. Everyday, the girls come in contact with a different personality, until he kills three and leaves one alive. He was about to kill the third, but once he saw her deep cuts on the wrist, he stated, “The broken ones are always the purest.” The girl had sliced her wrist, a sign of some internalized pain. Turns out she had been molested by her uncle for years, who now has custody over her. The broken people’s hurt runs so deep, it can go back until childhood and last forever.


Problem with those who have been hurt is that they generally hurt others. Those people at times are so hurt that they hurt others, and the chain reaction leads to a society of damaged people. We never get into the minds of the hurt, the broken, the damaged. Because if you could see deep within them, they hurt, they cut their wrist, all because they want to turn people away from them. Hurt others and themselves so they don’t appear attractive so they can have an excuse to remain aloof. Yet what they really want is someone who truly loves, truly cares, sometimes, someone who is just as broke as them who understands why they hurt.

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“What is your vice?”

The topic of narcotics use has been a subject for debate for the past five decades. But narcotics has popped its head up again in a new epidemic. Heroine use is back up again as well as Cocaine use on the west coast. And sad part about it, it’s a young generation that is using the drugs. Videos have been posted on social media of people and their drug use. Some of which are sitting in the front seats of their cars overdosing. So what is the reason for so much drug use? Especially a narcotic that has already proven to be a problem in the past. The 1960’s and 1970’s were a major Cocaine and Heroine usage time period. Now all of a sudden it’s back again.

On of the reasons that people have been using more drugs today than previous years is because of depression. So many people feel they need an escape from whatever it is that they are feeling bad about in life. Instead of facing the world head-on, people feel that they can only defeat their demons through drug use. The problem with that is that the narcotic creates a whole new set of demons worse than the ones you’re already defeating. So if you’re suffering from depression because you lost your job, then using narcotics is going to make you feel better in the moment, yet worse when the high comes down. And that brings me to my next reason why people use narcotics; unhappy with quality of life and needing an escape.

When I say quality of life, I mean employment situations. In society today, so many people are looking for work. So many people are unhappy with their current jobs and want anything better than what they have at the moment. So with the little money they do have, they get high. The only problem is that when you use a little money, it quickly turns into a lot of money. And that’s when you really crash because you find yourself dipping into your rent, mortgage, utilities, and personals money. And after this happens so many people find themselves sleeping in the street. This is the place known as rock bottom. The absolute lowest point in life; homelessness.

But it’s not all sorrow as to why so many people use narcotics today. Another reason is the social aspects of drugs. People use drugs to fit into their social circles. I have been hearing that on the west coast there has been an increase in Cocaine usage among young millennials. And it is so casual that no one is even talking much about it, almost like it’s perfectly normal. You would think that a lot of their parents who remember the past decades of heavy narcotics use would warn them. But then again, that’s assuming that parents know their children are using drugs. In the end, there many different reasons why people use heavy narcotics today. But unlike the past decades, prescription drugs are becoming an even bigger problem than narcotics. But even with all the downsides of narcotics people continue to still use heavily.