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“I need my mind.”

when it goes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lose your mind? Or better yet, what are your fears associated with losing the ability to rationalize in society? People have a lot of fears, dying is one of them. But a major fear that is ranked high would have to be losing the memory or logic. Lose of memory or the ability to function because of an incurable brain disease is tragic and scary. Especially if you are someone who operates in the space that is artistic like myself. Why are the fears so strong even though very few people will fall under the category of strong brain dysfunction?

the good times are gone

Growing up, we often go into this nostalgic space that makes us look at how far we have come thus far. And when you get to a certain stage in your life, sometimes that can vanish, and it leaves us often depressed. Imagine having a vibrant life that you don’t even remember because your thoughts are no longer available to you. This takes place with people who suffer form dementia and Alzheimer disease. We still have no clue what leads to someone attaining this sickness, but it eats the brain slowly. Eventually you lose total function of your body and pass away.

you become the kid

When raising children, they need and depend on you. But what happens when the kid is the parent and the parent is the child? This is where the elderly start to become enraged because they are used to being the leader. But when the mind goes, this take son a whole other dynamic. Because now the person need you to think for them. And humans are not monolithic creatures. What is good for you has been your decision. Now the person you chose life to be good for, is making your decisions for what is good for you.

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“It grows with age and decline with age.”


Our brains have evolved into an amazing organ for performing all sorts of task. It is the central place of our human existence. And with time we learn the world around us, and if used appropriately, we can manipulate the world around us as well. As we grow, we are sponges, starting from a young age. It’s the reason why parents place their children in so many different activities because we learn so much when we are young. The reason being because life is still new, and everything peaks our interest. Once we reach adulthood, learning takes on a whole new meaning and challenge. But can also be quite interesting if you are willing and able to put yourself in the know.


As your brain grows over time, there comes a point where the brain starts to diminish over time as well. And a lot our learning stops around the age of 25 to 30 years of age. Why, well it’s because you are no longer in school. Once the formal academic education stops, we generally stop as well. No one is telling us when to turn in assignments, unless it’s our jobs. Anything else that we are to learn independently, we halt. School is so mundane to us because it does not seem as engaging as life to us. Yet, the more you learn, the more you have no choice but to engage. Because your mind starts to open up to so many new opportunities.


In order to not lose what others lose over time, you have to be constantly learning. And to me, that is something that has always kept me going is learning new information. It doesn’t have to pertain to anything I am remotely interesting in, but I know. Why should you do so, it increases your base. Your base when needing to reference something in a conversation, or you also want to become more traversed for yourself. And yes, as time treks on you will lose a lot of memory no matter how much you learn.


Once you hit a certain point in life, very few people can maintain their sharp minds. You start to become forgetful going into your elderly years. You’re not as smart as you used to be, fast as you used to be. One reason is because the body is wearing down, and all the information up until this point in your life will have been replaced with something more evolved. Yet, what will happen is you will become a base for younger generations. What they read about you experienced. And your stock will still remain strong so long as you continue to want to stay in the know, even with a diminishing mind.

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