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“Positive vibes.”

black panther

Back in the month of February, the movie Black Panther debuted in theaters. And the response since then has been a major cultural push. Not only for the fans of the movie that have kept the Wakanda fun going, but the African American community. That’s right, the Black community, a community that a movie like this was the first of its kind. Why, well, we have never seen an epic action adventure superhero film with a predominantly Black cast that has done this well. So now, what, do we see more of this, or will this be it? Because the push from this film has been major. But most of all, what does this do for the image of Black people throughout the world?

our likeness

When you travel the world and ask questions pertaining to African Americans, there have not always been these positive interpretations of Black people. And these sentiments are not coming from people who have ever or will ever meet us in America. So you think to yourself, how and why do they feel ill-will toward us. Well, it has a lot to do with the idea that there aren’t these positive images of us on film and television. When you look throughout history, we have been the villains, and rarely the hero. But the White characters have been not only villains, but more heroic in their image. And combine that with a power structure in America that is still mostly White and you have one hell of an image. Which is why it’s up to us, to shift our own likeness. We cannot leave it up to another group to showcase what we are and who we are effectively.

a generation is watching

These images in film mean less to the predominantly White community. But when you look at professional Black people, you’d be surprised what sparked their interest in their profession. Meaning the Cosby show spurred out an entire generation of young Black doctors, lawyers, and business people. Watching that show in the 1980’s, it was seen as a myth of some sort, or too far-fetched for Black people to be doctors and lawyers from within the community. Young people who saw this film became so enthralled from the Black community that it put sense of pride within them. A feeling of, “Wow, I’m going to the theater to see these positive images of people that look like me; and it’s an epic movie too.”

other’s views

The global view is what is the goal for us as Black people. We fought for so long to maintain our rights in America, but the globe is bigger than just this plot land. A generation must now come along and prove, there is more than just this greatness that lies in this film. And I for one am one of those individuals who belongs to the Black community with his own set of views and means of bringing a good feel and vibe to the Black community’s image.

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“Why so much pressure?”

black cinema

As an African American in entertainment, we have worked tirelessly to aim at finding our place in the business. And over the years, we have placed pressure behind studios and television networks who make dollars from us, yet don’t want the representation present. So here we are today with that same push in the industry.

And with the success of the most recent movie, Black Panther, are more filmmakers who are Black going to be expected to make the same decisions now as Coogler? But the topic for today is why are we expected to only make films with a Black conscious to them?

images are powerful

I remember looking through both my sisters Victoria Secret catalogs as a young boy seeing Adriana Lima. And from that time until now has been 18 years, and I still have an attraction toward Brazilian women. Just my curiosity at the age of 12 years old. I wanted to know what was her name, where she came from, who else is from this country.

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And this is where the push from so many Black artists come from. The idea that these images last forever and that so many young people are seeing someone that looks like them doing great things. Even the Cosby Show has spurred out a generation of young Black professionals in their careers. Why, well because the wife was an attorney and the father was a doctor. Black kids at that time didn’t think we were “allowed” to be doctors and lawyers.

making art for art sake

For me as an Indie filmmaker and soon to be photographer, I have so many ideas that paint Black people in a positive light. But I also have ideas that I would like to incorporate other groups as well. So where does the line between making art for the sake of art, and having an obligation to the ethnic group in which you belong?

Because a lot of people would say just make art. But there are so many negative connotations and interpretations of  Black people in America, that if I have the ability to put something out there that is painting us in a positive light, then why not. Because when there is nothing good about a group to say or show, it becomes the face of the group.

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