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“What little they had made way for a lot today.”

My mother was born in the year 1960, making her the last of the baby boom generation. This was the first generation where men were coming home from the war and suburbs were being built up all across the country. Mass marketing and advertising was introduced and the influence of entertainment was taking hold. Why was so much going on during this time period? Well, it was because this was an era of mass population growth in the United States. Jobs were in abundance and the men who came home from World War 2 were settling in and with their wives building large families. But there was something else that was prevalent during this time period. And that is the fight which was taken to the streets by women all across the country along with the civil rights movements. Women were expected to act a certain way at times outside the realm of their choice.

It makes you think that what if these women were born in today’s society. How much would they have been able to accomplish had they had that push that women have today? My mother recently showed me a photo of her when she was a teenager running track and field. A sport that I took part in myself at a young age. Only difference between me and her is that, not only am I a man, but the encouragement I received was different than her generations. Girls were told to “shut up” and “keep quiet” when expressing their goals and ambitions. Ambition was for the boys, and staying at home was for the girls. It makes you think; how many of those house wives back decades ago often dreamed when being at home all day. What were their dreams when they would be cleaning floors or preparing meals for the family.

These were thoughts I never got a chance to ask my grandmother or great grandmother that I could ask my mother. I would have loved to ask my great grandmother, before you married my great grandfather what did you dream about in life. Because women today don’t have all these goals and women in the past didn’t have them. It’s just that women were not expected to do anything in life. I was an adult when my grandmother died, I wish I could have asked her what were her goals as well. Just so I could get some clarity into what life was like living with all of this bundled up inside. Asking them what it was like to not be able to do what you wanted to do.

See, in the end, so many young women say there is still a lot of work to accomplish for the women of today. But in the past, they had it much worse, even with the good times. I guess that’s why I push so heavy at my goals because my mother never got her chance to shine like she wanted at a young age. So many women at that time had so much potential to be great, but greatness was not an option. And for the ones who stood out front despite the lack of encouragement, it gave way to so many today. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“We all love to reminisce about the past.”

Ever sit back and look at the memories of the past in a photo album. Reminiscing on all the good moments you have experienced in life. Even at times when you’re not in the picture you’ll tend to ask yourself, “Where was I when this was taken?” “I don’t remember this photo.” All sorts of the thoughts start to stream through your mind as to the time and location of the photo. Well, what is it, what is it about photography that brings up the most mundane of memories. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion, just a photo is enough to bring it out of you.

Well, for starters, photos are usually taken in a time of great memories. When things take place in your life that have been meaningful to you, we remember those moments the most. Whether it’s a holiday or even a birthday party. One photo can spark so much that you remember from that day. You remember everyone who was present in the photo and not in the photo. But it’s also a time to reflect on the people who are no longer with us. I recently saw a photo of my mother and father when they were younger. The picture included my father’s mother, who passed, her friend at the time, who passed, my grandmother’s sister, who also passed. These times you are very nostalgic.

But what are other memories from the photos we take. Another reason we love to look through photo albums is to also reflect over life. Looking over how far we’ve come up to where we are thus far. We might look at a photo of ourselves during a rough time in life, then smile at how you’ve overcome those moments. For example, you might have grown up in a poverty stricken environment and now you have yourself a nice house beautiful family and great friends. These past photos with the newer photos you’ve taken makes you feel proud of the life you’ve carved out for yourself.

In the end, we love to look over photos of the past and reminisce of past experiences. Our lives take on so many twists and turns that these photos create a nostalgic moment that for a second get us thinking. All those good times, the people that are not here with us, and even the times that were bad that got us to where we are today. It is an all encompassing experience into why we love opening that photo alum.


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“Ever sleep and wake up feeling like life is passing by too fast?”

September 20, 1987 is the year and date I was born. In just this small amount of time, so much has happened in my personal life and private life. A life spanning 30 years, is short compared to the overall average life expectancy. But in such a short period of time things can take place which can make or break you. Yet I’m not talking about time in the sense of existing. I’m referring to time in the context of the days, weeks, months, and years passing by. But there is a stark contrast between time passing by and life passing you by. One is inevitable and out of our control. The other we have control over, yet some of us never seize the opportunity.

Well, how do we effect the changing time. And once again, I say we can’t. Ever hear the saying, “Time waits for no man.”This small quote allows us to understand that whatever we aim to accomplish in this world, do not waste time. But there is another time phrase we use as people and that is, “If I could turn back the hands of time.” Normally people who make this statement wish they could go back and correct some sort of mistake. Regrets play such a vital role in us wanting this to go backward in time. But are there any other reasons time gets to us?

Yes, most of the time, we sit around and contemplate where has time gone. This is once we are stationary and our minds start to roam. We look about ourselves in the mirror and our surroundings. All the while asking questions relating to things we once used to do, or some memory. Not realizing how long it’s been since we did whatever it was we were doing at the time of contemplation. We might say to ourselves, “I remember when that song came out.” “That’s when I got my first kiss.” Then you see the year the song came out and your’re shocked by what you see. “Man, that song came out 30 years ago.” “Naw, it hasn’t been 30 years already.”

Time is something that we have studied and tried wrapping our minds around for centuries. It’s fascinating to look back and contemplate all the things we’ve experienced in life. That’s if you’ve lived a good life. But if your life has gone nowhere, then you’re not enjoying contemplating about your time on Earth. Now as I come upon my 30th birthday over the next 9 months, I think and feel there is a lot to look forward to, which will give me great memories once I get there and look back on life.