A short film drama about a girl’s first day at and all girl public school. We follow her as she matriculates through her first day of classes and getting to know everyone.


Quraun Sade as Kendra Harris

Chloe L. Hooton as Ms. Livingston

Emily D.Flynn as Stephanie Rosenberg

Hannah Muller as Teacher #2

Alina Jacobs as Schoolgirl

Alina Krajewski as Schoolgirl

Angeli Adames as Schoolgirl

Anne Huffines as Schoolgirl

Edna Rodriguez as Schoolgirl

Erin Byun as Schoolgirl

Fia Floyd as Schoolgirl

Hannah E. Williams as Schoolgirl

Laura Moronta as Schoolgirl

Samantha Motherway as Schoolgirl

Victoria Rooney as Schoolgirl

Written & Directed By: Faheem Jackson

Produced By:Faheem Jackson

Director of Photography: Daniel Guillaro

Edited: Adobe Premiere CC and After Effects

Shot On: BlackMagic Camera

Music: Free Music Archives

Special Thanks to Indiegogo Contributors for all your help