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“Generations of building walls will ultimately lead to a generation of resistance.”


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“What do we really think?”

From the early 1600’s through the late 1800’s Black people were enslaved in the United States of America. From the late 1800’s through the 1960’s, we went through a time of being considered second class citizens. Even after the 1960’s were times of police brutality, drug epidemics, welfare, and public housing systems. So now that Donald Trump is the president of the country, all these new groups are now going through the problems that we have talked about for years. So what do Black people think about what the Middle Eastern community, Hispanics, women that are non-Black, and Gays of other ethnic group are going through in America today?

It’s interesting because we don’t really have a real stance on Donald Trump. Part of it, is that we look at other groups who felt we were making up excuses, are now starting to see. For instance, Hispanics are facing a a wall being built between this country and Mexico. But back in the day, trains would be driven through Black neighborhoods, cutting us off from resources on the other side which was predominantly White. So a wall is nothing new to us. Muslims from the Middle East, forced into temporary sitting places, such as airports across the country. Not allowed to gain access into the country, many of which were already United States citizens. We know all too well about being told you’re not welcome in a country where so many fought in the military.

So in our eyes as the Black community, we are not the least bit afraid of Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, people call him a racist, but he doesn’t crack the top 25. Because when you look at the map of presidents, our first nearly 20 were slave owners, including Abraham Lincoln. So in our minds, Trump has been the least of our concern. This does not mean we are complacent with who he is, a lot of us don’t agree with him. But the fear from Black people is long behind us. Meaning the worst has past, and there is no more you can do that we haven’t experienced. We lost names, religious beliefs, homelands, rights, and just an overall sense of self. Yet we are still standing strong in this country. So the fear as I said before is from others.

So in the end, Black feel we’ll be alright. And as far as Trump, this too shall past over. Because if he presents the slightest threat to even his constituency, they’ll turn on him. And as desperate as people are for work, it could happen. America has always had someone in the White House that was either very beloved or very disliked. But the country still managed to chug along, and we’ll do the same with Trump as president.


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“Are we willing to be banned as well?”

In recent news, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to ban people entering the United States from a few select Islamic nations. Now there even more protest regarding the ban, that can further overshadow his presidency. So the new question to ask is if he’s banning so many, what about resources. If the people are gone, does this mean we are going to turn away their resources as well. America gets a lot of it’s oil from the Middle East. And to think that there will be a ban on a few chosen places, without upsetting these Muslim countries, you’re going to have problems.

Well, why would they have problems? Number one, I don’t think that other Muslim countries that are not being banned will support this ban. Because to them, it’s only a matter of time before they’re on the chopping block. He’s starting with these few chosen places, but whose to say he’ll stop there. Whose to say that next it won’t be someone else. So, in the moment, you’re not seeing the fight against it, unless it’s from the United States citizens. But there are other issues that could arise from Trump’s ban pertaining to Islam. And that is one that could actually hurt this nation; oil.

America’s transit system as well as domestic drivers depends upon this relationship with the Middle East not being affected. So many of these suspected terrorist countries have ties to Saudi Arabia. What will be the ban for this country? Will there even be a ban on this country? But, the issue is oil. Then again, our relationship with the Saudis ties into that. We want to separate from these places. But are we ready to separate fully? Are we ready to turn away natural resources as much as we do the people? The same applies to Mexico. We want resources, but we are going to have a problem with bans. But what if these countries enlist their own bans?

What would happen when Islamic nations step back away from the West? A move like this could lead to international conflict as well as putting boots on the ground. You see, America does not have an alternate source of energy. So what happens to our nation; a mass transit stoppage. That could be enough for a global conflict. So my best guess is that Trump will not be banning too many people coming from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) So where we go from here? With this ban, you have people who have aided America in our fight against extremism. Providing pertinent intelligence on radical groups. So Trump says he’s fighting extremism, but is he fighting extremism, or making it possible for people to slip through the cracks. Someone or people could already be here, and banning those entering to aid us can cause a disconnect.



“Is there a legitimate reason to fear?”

As president elect Donald Trump now takes control over the White House, conversations begin to take place regarding him running the country. Saturday January 21st, 2017 was the day protest were held in major cities across the country and around the world. Women took to the streets as they marched in opposition of the new president elect. From New York City to Chicago, from Los Angeles to over the Pacific Ocean into Sydney Australia. Women who felt their rights would be in jeopardy of being impeded  upon once the new president took office. These protest would reach record numbers into the millions.

Now my question is, are we right to protest or are we more afraid than we should be of the newly inaugurated president? Even though he is the leader, how much voice will he really carry? And to what extent will he even be allowed to do what we’re afraid he will do? Could he really do what we’re all afraid will happen? If given enough time, is it possible that he can turn around so much he has said in the past? Or is it too late and there is no going back? The reality is yes and no. But we all have theories as to why he can hurt the country, but why he can’t is something we don’t discuss. Well, what is truly stopping him from doing what all our fears are in the end?

For starters, removing the 11 million immigrants from the country is more of a can’t do. Something of such magnitude isn’t as easy as just walking into households removing people. The initial cost to do so would require massive logistical issues that is a sure enough nightmare for the government. Not to mention the economic loses from people being forced out. The problem is that there are a lot of emotions and not enough thought driving these initiatives. But for those who know this specific group of people, they’re not sitting around living off the system. They’re contributing to the system. Whether it’s providing food and clothing for their families, to renting properties and sending children to college. So, forcing this many people out would cause short term and long term financial windfalls not to mention the massive blowback from the public who already have been vigilant in their fight against the president.

Another obstacle keeping the president from impeding upon the people would be the vote in Congress. The president is in control of a third power, he stills need one third more from outside himself. If he is unable to get his two thirds (meaning a third from him and Congress or the House), he is rendered immobile. He does have veto power, yet can’t outright just make decisions. So nothing on the scale to what we fear can happen without the system’s backing. Which explains why so little gets accomplished even with all the promises on the campaign trail. But, I’m sure a lot of people know this, so why the fear? It’s not just the idea of him winning the presidency. It sets precedent that someone else will come behind him with the same rhetoric and create even more of a climate of separation.

Yet does it; are we just being too sensitive or can one person just walk in and change the landscape of the country? Probable, yet highly unlikely because his behavior could cause a domino effect hurting too many people that aren’t even meant to get hurt. So why are people so read to fight? My best guess is that there are a lot of fears. We have these fears that we are losing something. Something that may not even come up while he’s in office, but just the idea of him eluding to us losing something could cause a problem. In the end, he may just turn out to be like every other leader we’ve had. Do some good, some things that irritate us, yet the country maintains an equilibrium. Up until the next guy comes into office, where we start the insanity all over again.