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“We watch it, it sucks but we keep watching, why?”

what we watch

You ever hear the term you are what you eat? But what about you are what you watch? Many people tune into television programming or watch films not knowing that they are telling something about themselves. Now, that does mean every time you turn on the television you are exposing yourself. But there is a pattern that starts to develop in what we watch.

It’s why marketers and advertisers use mediums like Facebook to remind you of purchases in the margins of the page. And you think to yourself, how did they know I was looking at that product or service. It’s because everything you do is so connected that it starts to leave a trail with the various social media you use. The same applies for television.

the mentality

I am fairly happy person in life. So when I am inundated with programming that is not the mot positive I tend to stray from it. Only when I am in a bad mood do I watch certain shows. So when I look at the drama that is reality shows at time it makes you wonder. Why do these shows do so well, but a show about a prosperous family tend to not go that far.

But most of all, whose life that is on track would want to see so much negativity. Is there something in the person/people watching that makes them feel good knowing others have problems like themselves. Because me, I don’t want to see people with my problems. I want to see people doing better, or have been in my position doing better in life; it’s motivating.

the greatest show on earth

People love the circus. Even though it’s suppose to be for the kids, adults love it as well. Because kids want to see tricks, but adults want to see the animals lose control and stampede. Not necessarily because they want destruction. We all want to witness the greatest show on Earth. It’s just that the greatest show is subjective depending on whose watching the show.

So maybe it’s not that someone is in a funk and revel in the bad stuff on television. Maybe we as humans have a ways to go through the evolutionary chain.

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